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Government Portal
The 'DisNET' government portal developed by JeoIT represents possibly the most comprehensive and successful government portal application in the Middle East region, DisNET portal and its modules handle more than 90% of the workflow of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs personnel in Turkey.

JeoIT's DisNET technology allows for all existing applications and databases to be merged into a powerful portal. This approach creates great synergy between various departments and increases usability. Our framework approach allows for the portal modules to share a large amount of core code, decreasing the development cycle.

For more details on this solution and sample modules please refer to the DisNET project page. In addition to our technological infrastructure, we offer consultancy services for the development of web portals in the public sector. For more information regarding our advisory services please contact us.

Document Management
JeoIT's Document Management System (DMS) titled 'BelgeArsiv' is a powerful technology that successfully manages millions of documents for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Afghanistan and Somalia, as well as the Ministry of European Affairs of Turkey. This flexible technology has also been used as a base for the Ministry of Agriculture of Saudi Arabia.

BelgeArsiv is a modern DMS that supports electronic signatures, document flow definition, rapid search, flexible authorization rules and OCR integration. As JeoIT we will work with your organization in all facets of DMS, such as analysis, customization, creating document templates, deployment and training.

For more details on BelgeArsiv, please refer to the project page. For consultancy services regarding institutional documentation analysis please contact us.

GIS Solutions
JeoIT provides Geographic Information System (GIS) based web and mobile solutions to meet our customers' needs, In addition to software, data related services (design, acquisition, processing etc) can be provided by our parent company Geotech Group, Having completed dozens of national scale projects, Geotech Group is one of the leading companies in this field.

Some R&D projects using our GIS framework include historical tours (initiated through QR codes) and national plant coverage. Some of our completed (and actively used) projects include a "Task Management System" for the Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and an "Emergency Response System" used by the civil defense department of Saudi Arabia. For advisory services regarding GIS please contact us.

JeoIT's mobile solutions can be integrated with the BelgeArsiv DMS and our GIS framework, Our mobile solutions include field data entry, warning systems, task management enhanced with NFC / QR and similar applications, Using our applications users may add images taken with the mobile device camera and autocomplete GIS data with respect to their current position.

In addition to native Android development, we can offer the option to develop in iOS and Windows Mobile. You may contact us to find out how our flexible technology can support your needs. Please refer to the "e-Agriculture Project" page for more information.

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