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The e-Agriculture suite of applications developed for the Ministry of Agriculture of Saudi Arabia is a powerful combination of GIS (Geographic Information Systems), mobile and web technologies.

The GIS infrastructure which powers the e-Agriculture solution was implemented by Geotech Group, the parent company of JeoIT. Following the infrastructure work, a variety of modules and websites were developed by JeoIT. The synergy between the various technologies and modules is a critical factor in the success of this solution. For example the "Early Warning System" acquires its real time data from the "Mobile Disease Tracking" application. Similarly the data entered into the GIS automatically updates the conservation zones used in the Marine Fishery portal. You can contact us for more information on e-Agriculture and similar integrated high-tech solutions.

e-Agriculture Modules

Our e-Agriculture solution incorporates a variety of interacting modules:

  • Web GIS: All institutional spatial data accessed from a single location.
  • Land Management System: Land data, ownership details, gallery, thematic analysis and more.
  • Mobile Disease Tracking: GIS powered mobile disease data entry and tracking.
  • Flora: Access to national flora data through documents and interactive maps.
  • Marine Fishery: A prototype portal website with access to a wide variety of fishery data: boat, fishermen, restricted zones, marine life knowledgebase and more.
  • Early Warning System: Prototype application providing real-time national data on agricultural disease distribution.

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