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BelgeArsiv (Document Management System)
The BelgeArsiv Document Management System (DMS) project was initiated in order to address the needs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey. Over the years BelgeArsiv has evolved into a powerful solution that can be implemented across a wide spectrum of organizations.

The web based BelgeArsiv DMS has proven its capability and stability through its thousands of users and the millions of documents it manages. You may contact us to learn more about how BelgeArsiv can enhance your organization.

A partial list of BelgeArsiv's features are as follows:

  • Manage all your documents over a web based environment
  • Secure application that does not require installation or manual updating
  • Support for electronic signature (ready for KEP in Turkey)
  • Access to government services for the national institution database
  • Rapid search engine
  • Mobile extensions
  • Initialing, multiple-signature and workflow definition support
  • Integration with legacy data and documents


List of users

BelgeArsiv user list (Sep 2014):

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey
  • Ministry of European Affairs of Turkey
  • Yunus Emre Institute
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan (pilot project)
  • Ministry of Agriculture of Saudi Arabia (mobile extension and flora system)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somalia (pilot project)

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