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High-tech firms can rise very quickly when the right opportunity is met by the right team.
Formed in 2008, JeoIT is a good example of the previous statement. In a short amount of time JeoIT has implemented one of the most complete and comprehensive Government Portals in the Middle East for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey. Our Document Management System is now used in five major ministries whereas our mobile, web and GIS infused e-Agriculture solution powers the Ministry of Agriculture of Saudi Arabia.

Our Vision
Software development, the Internet, Geographic Information Systems and Mobile technologies come across as well established fields, but each have a relatively brief history. Therefore it should not come as a surprise that a large percentage of IT projects end up going over budget, underperforming and suffering various delays. Minimizing such risks requires a solid team, well disciplined approach to development and adhering to well designed methodologies without taking shortcuts. At JeoIT it is our aim to continue to adhere to the aforementioned principles and stand on the forefront of our industry.
What Makes us Different
The most vital ingredient of IT development is the technical team. Our core design and development team are comprised of graduates of the top universities in Turkey with post-graduate degrees from the US. Well established design and development principles spread out from the core development team to the whole of the company in producing powerful, robust solutions.
JeoIT Development Steps

Requirement Analysis

Design and Prototyping

Implementation, Testing and Training
We believe that a comprehensive requirement analysis conducted in the early phases of a project must be revised many times during the development cycle. To achieve this goal we assign a full time analyst to our customers during major development projects. Detailed design and prototyping are unfortunately neglected quite frequently in favor of head-on coding. We believe that devoting time and energy to these steps are vital in completing projects successfully. Your JeoIT project team will be with you at every step of the implementation, testing and training phases of your project. We believe that successful implementations and happy customers are the best forms of advertising for our products and services.
JeoIT in the News
AK Party to Switch to Electronic Signature on March 1st
AK Party will embrace a new phase in document management. The 'AKBELGE' system will ensure that official documents will be distributed much more rapidly. (the article is in Turkish).

AK Party to Use Electronic Signatures
Starting March 1st AK Party will begin using the AKBELGE system with electronic signature support. (the article is in Turkish).

IT in the Public Sector
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Naci Koru headlined the meeting held on February 25th, 2014. For details please click on the article title (the article is in Turkish).

IT Support for Afghanistan
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan Ahmet Osmani stated that "The Afghan people and government are very happy about the support they received from Turkey in the past 12 years". For details please click on the article title (the article is in Turkish).

Documents to Africa
"Ministry documents are now reaching Africa in two seconds, in the past it would take two weeks to get across the street". For details please click on the article title (the article is in Turkish).

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